Zambian Natural Emerald

Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified

Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified
Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified
Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified

Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified   Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified

1.75 ct Natural Earth Mined Emerald Certified No Reserve. Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified. Two answers to the question I receive a few times per week: Question: Can you show me a few more pictures? Answer one: All listed stones are in hands of my assistant that ships them. If you are a producer of horror movies I can ask her to take a few pictures but please don't show them to your children: poor kids will have a nervous breakdown.

Answer two: In 40+ years I didn't see a single BOTH good and realistic picture of the stone if it was emerald. For the reason I don't quite understand emerald is a stone that "doesn't want to be photographed" (it doesn't apply to any other stone). Finally we found a photographer who agreed to take pictures for us (two before him tried and run away in horror) but his pictures when good are usually artistic-surrealistic interpretation. No such thing for Type 3 stones?

Well, objectively this stone has a really top clarity (tiny to microscopic speck of dust in one position, tiny something on the crown in another but this is only for the accuracy) and exceptional transparency. There is nothing except dark spots and discoloration (along with the worse possible yellowish alteration of the color) on the picture, but it is still a good one. It shows that the stone is extremely bright and leaves no doubt that it is top. No emerald can be good without inner glow and no picture can show it. Yes, picture gives an impression that the stone is bright but at the same time it is dull and flat.

It is actually incredibly intensive iridescent inner glow that makes the color Top Grade and the stone high-end. Really gorgeous high-end stone of the exceptional Top Grade color! A word about real prices since not only rare buyers but also rare jewelers know them. I dont refer to born in narcotic hallucinations price lists of various industry/trade organizations; not even to price list of International Gem Society even though they are world famous strictly educational institution and I personally know their president and great gemologist Donald Clark.

(I uploaded their Zambian emeralds values). Their values, materials and expertise were used in countless legal cases. And this is dealer to jeweler price.

Then jeweler put a stone in jewelry and marks it standard 2.5 times more. I've been not asking and BEGGING buyers for years to not pay much attention to pictures and to rely on descriptions and specifications but too many scrolled down to description without reading it. We provide Full Grading Certificate with each stone free of charge and we post it in each listing. Please use it as an ultimate source of information about the stone and not the pictures.

Once again pictures (ours or anyone's else) are never correct and cannot be. We try to post most realistic pictures that show character of the stones but it is one-dimensional image of tiny object taken from only one angle and not the panorama of Grand Canyon.

It is impossible to show every tiny inclusion or the level of brilliance and saturation. Color is ALWAYS altered one way or another. Anything light (as fissures) is almost always dissolved.

To be visible it must be brought to the high relief, which usually means very radical angle. For that reason the person who chooses and posts pictures is asked to choose pictures that show character of the stone and not every tiny nuance. Whenever it makes sense I make additional comments about the pictures. Besides, every monitor is different. The nice pure green stone I see on my CRT monitor looks overly bright strongly bluish one on my LCD, which turns to unknown lighting object on the screen of my laptop.

Now some people say that the stone they received was different from what they saw on the display of their cell phones. Well, actually you can see the stone almost exactly as you saw it on the picture. The procedure: Use EXACTLY the same (6 K pointed) controlled light. Put the stone EXACTLY in the same position and look at it EXACTLY at the same angle. The stone (and you) must be ABSOLUTELY static. Now of course you have to seriously damage your eyes. Only one actually, the second has to be removed the camera has only one.

You will need to implant a few filters including this sinister UV one (you can do it at the same hospital). Otherwise your survivor eye will be not able to drastically change the color and the tone of the stone. I don't know (from the medical point of view) how to make it ignoring the main color of the stone and picking only colors of reflections and how to make your vision not 3 and 2-dimensional, but the doctor will help you. Abilities of modern medicine are unlimited. Now you can enjoy the view of as on picture stone.

Those who are not ready for such radical measures please check specifications and read descriptions. To give you a practical example of how pictures are reliable in general, please look at the picture below.

Some time ago I submitted to AGL the highest authority in USA when it comes to colored stones. For high-end trade you must have AGL and only AGL certificate high-end emerald. Medium Dark (quite dark), Bluish Green (very blue), crystal clean (you can judge from the minimal level of treatment a scarce even for the cleanest VVS emeralds) stone. Please check how it appeared on the picture.

Because we are constantly asked what is VVS, VS and other grades for Type 3 stones and why they are so different from other types (for instance, according to GIA VVS - the highest clarity grade for Type III stones - is BARELY equal to SI2 for Type I), for your convenience we included the chart of clarity grades for all stones right after specifications. It takes only a few minutes and greatly helps to understand specifications.

In the past as a courtesy we hold paid stones when buyers told us they were going to continue shopping. Shopping for precious stones without seeing them in person is very difficult. You don't need to explain anything - you are the customer and always right. Simply send it back to the address on the package. Totally eye clean to the unaided eye.

Minute Inclusions difficult to see with unaided eye. Minor Inclusions somewhat easy to see with unaided eye. Prominent Inclusions negative affection appearance and/or durability.

Prominent Inclusions severe affect on appearance and/or durability. Eye clean to the unaided eye. Noticeable Inclusions apparent to the unaided eye. Prominent Inclusions negative to severe effect on appearance and/or durability. Except on larger stone generally eye clean but may contain barely visible small inclusions which are usually obvious when viewed with 10x magnification. Could be medium size and prominent on larger stones. Obvious Inclusions very apparent to the unaided eye. Auctiva Offers Free Image Hosting and Editing. The item "Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified" is in sale since Friday, January 4, 2019. This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Loose Diamonds & Gemstones\Loose Gemstones\Emerald\Natural Emeralds". The seller is "antonowsky" and is located in Bernhards Bay, New York. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Gemstone: Emerald
  2. Lot: No
  3. Shape: Emerald
  4. Modified Item: No
  5. Natural/Lab-Created: Natural
  6. Color: Green

Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified   Gorgeous 1.66 ct High-End Zambian Emerald Certified